Good webhost with wordpress one click install?

Any recommendations for a good, fast and reliable webhost preferably with one clock install wordpress?

For WordPress specifically, take a look at WPEngine, Flywheel, Kinsta and Dreamhost Managed Wordpress. They’re all managed WP hosts that perform much better and more securely than typical cheap hosting with one-click installs. Costs are in the $15-25/mo range unless you have a lot of traffic or special needs.

I have an anti-recommendation: whatever you do, avoid OVH at all costs. Their support is the worst kafkaian nightmare I have ever encountered in decades of tech (which is quite a feat).

Not to mention occasional gigantic fires :smiley:

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Indeed… without backups.

A famous backup company: “Now that’s not what we meant by BackBLAZE…”


Great recommedations! I will look into these. Thanks.

Does anyone know if I create a full fledged WP site on a subdomain, can I transfer that site to the root domain easily?

You should be able to. If you go with one of those managed options, they’ll have a staging/preview domain you can use and a one-click type deployment feature. You can also use a couple of other plugins like Duplicator to accomplish this.