Goodbye ScanSnap

I use my ScanSnap ix500 mainly for the ScanSnap Receipt. It looks like the new software kills the Receipt app.

I can’t really test the new software because of Fujitsu’s new single login limit. The frustration makes me ready to switch to something else.

Is there software out there that can import my ScanSnap receipts and data easily?
Any other scanner / software combos that do what ScanSnap receipt did?

All these top rated apps want you to scan receipts with your phone. I have way too many to do that…

Whatever you select next, I recommend you stay away from proprietary software that locks up your data in their unique format. Look at something like Evernote or DEVONThink so the data is always YOURS. If you decide to make another change later, the data and notes are easily exported as PDFs. And this sort of app is uber searchable.

If you are looking to keep the receipts purely for tax purposes, you might look at TaxBot which categorizes by tax context and prints IRS compatible reports. But it does require you to scan with the phone, which you already said is a show stopper…