GoodNotes 5 for Catalina

GoodNotes 5 is now available for MacOS Catalina.
I’m going to install the OS this weekend on a separate device…has anyone had a chance to try out GoodNotes on the Mac yet? There’s no mention of Sidecar as far as I could see, which I would love to be a part of this app.

The GoodNotes Mac app is excellent. It looks just like it does on your iPad. You can have plenty of open windows and notebooks. The editing tools are the same. It seems stable. (I was using it during the beta, so I’ve gotten to see it in action for quite a while.) You have to pay for it separately from the iPadOS version, but I think it’s only about $8.

Frankly, I mostly use it on Mac for viewing notes not so much taking them because I like doing that with my Apple Pencil. So I can’t comment on editing. I also can’t report about Sidecar because it’s not supported on my 2015 MBP 15". (I even tried the command line trick, but Catalina wasn’t having it.)

If you’re a GoodNotes fan, I’d be shocked if you weren’t happy with the Mac version.