GoodNotes 5 is free and IAP for unlimited notebooks

Check out their blog announcement:

Starting today GoodNotes will be free to download on the App Store. New users can already create up to 3 notebooks in GoodNotes, before paying a cent.

If you enjoy the experience of digital paper, you can unlock unlimited notebooks GoodNotes as an in-app purchase, and start building a true library of digital notes. The price is the same as before: $7.99 USD, one-time purchase.

As for our existing users, you will of course continue to have the full access that you bought the first time. Your experience won’t change, except for the fact that you can recommend GoodNotes to more people

I had to read twice. I am getting old.

It is free like in “try it for free and buy it afterwards for $7.99 if you really want to use it”. So basically the AppStore version of a trial mode. Which is fine.

Without OCR and with the limitation to just 3 notebooks the purchase still is a must for serious usage. Which really (!) is fine. :slight_smile: Because “free” is a lot to ask for when it comes to an app like GoodNotes. With just $7.99 as an one-time purchase this app is a steal.

The developers keep learning how to deal with the insufficiencies of the App Store (one of them being that there is no real “trial mode”).

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Not sure what happens to family sharing? Usually when this conversion happens the old upfront purchases lose family sharing completely.

Yep, they’re working within the constraints of the Apple store. I hope that it gives users a test drive and people will purchase for a one-time fee. I’m really glad they didn’t go subscription.

@SuperTachyon were you able to test family sharing?

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