Goodnotes + DayOne for the journaling

Here is my current workflow for journaling in DayOne. I handwrite the entries in Goodnotes, add stickers, photos, whatever for the journal entry. Export it to Dayone as an image without the background. This gives a nice formatted handwritten entry with any “extra goodies” appropriately sized (since DayOne fails on any sticker or photo entry as they cannot be resized). This workflow may save my DayOne subscription from being canceled as DayOne’s lack of graphic resize/organization within entries was driving me crazy.

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Thanks for sharing, I do the exact same thing but export as a PDF with “enable handwriting recognition” checked in hopes that some day DayOne will be able to search that layer of the PDF (doesn’t seem to now).

I have a Notebook in Goodnotes called “Import to DayOne” and try and import entries once per week (adjusting the dates in DayOne metadata for each entry).

I really enjoy both of these apps.