Goodnotes question

I have been trying to learn Goodnotes (was a Notability user). Notability worked well except the sorting was annoying. I had to number documents to keep them in the order that I needed. That doesn’t bother me in Apple Notes because of the search feature and different way I use it.
I like separate Notebooks for projects in Goodnotes. What I don’t like is that when I copy and paste from Notability, the text doesn’t flow on to a new page and I have to re-do. I’m also not fond of dragging text boxes around. I have searched a fair degree but I’m just trying to get my work done. I appreciate any help you may be able to spare.

I might be able to help. What do you mean the text does not flow when you paste it from Notability?

if there’s too much text for the page, it does not create a new page.

Let me try to elaborate: because I’m cutting and pasting between Notability and Goodnotes, sometimes there’s too much text for the page in good notes. Ideally, it would ‘flow’ on to a new page (ala Word). I have to go inside the text box, guess where the extra text is, then cut and paste that after creating a new page. I have googled and am not able to find a work around.

In the first screen shot, it shows what I can see in GoodNotes. In the 2nd, it shows what is missing from Notability.

I understand your issue. In GoodNotes, pages have actual dimensions (like an actual piece of paper). Moreover, text boxes can’t extend across multiple pages. So there is no way for your text to flow the way you are envisioning this. Your only options would be to divide the text in into separate text boxes over multiple pages, or reduce the font size such that all the text fits into your text box on a single page.

GoodNotes also cannot (as you’ve observed) automatically create a new page and divide the text box in two. I think that would be a great feature, though, if Goodnotes could automatically create pages so you could extend a text box as long as you want.