GoodNotes v5 iOS

Hi All,

I’ve just created a notebook in GoodNotes and took handwritten notes (c.a. 10 pages). Now I’m exporting them into a PDF and the minimum size I can get is 26Mb!!

Apart from what I wrote, I added 1 photo. Still, 26Mb is a lot!!!

Does anyone else have the same issue?


You could always save it then use a PDF compress app/service to make it smaller. If you want to do it exclusively on iOS this app is free to download but unless you pay the IAP you have to wait an hour for the service to process it in the free version.

As a test, I exported 10 pages of notes, letter size page, all handwritten. The exported PDF is 1.8 MB, which seems reasonable.


Thanks! I’m on the beta version, so wondering whether there is a bug. I’ve sent them an email.

I’ve tried again, with another notebook. This time 6 pages with a small number of handwritten notes and the PDF is 7.5Mb. Something’s not write :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m talking about the iOS version :grinning:

Thanks. I’ll check it out. 1hr seems a long waiting time, but I have a use case for compressing other pdf so this app might actually came in hand. Do you get good compression ratios?

Edit: 2.8/5? It seems it has a lot of angry customers :open_mouth:

The dev makes clear that free users have to wait if they don’t pay for the service, but it is angry free customers who don’t like to wait for their compression.

That’s just one iOS app, there are others. But I don’t know of any offhand that offer free instant compression, the others I’ve heard of cost $$.

Of course, if you have a Mac you can compress pdfs for free using Preview.

:smiley: I’ve noticed.

Have you used it? Does it have a good compression ratio?


I have not used it. When I make PDFs on iOS it’s usually paywalled articles I’m sending to someone, and size doesn’t bother me (and hopefully-grateful recipients haven’t complained yet).

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