Google Accounts & Lock-Out

hey MPU,

Doing a review of accounts, specifically domains (launching a non-profit) I have been thinking where all my domains are currently stored, as well as taking into account stories and posts like these that we hear about.

I have purchased domains between GoDaddy and Google Domains over the years. At times, it’s cheaper to buy it through GoDaddy and then transfer to Google, and then do flat-renewals each year. However, I keep thinking…if for whatever reason, I would lose access to my @gmail account…I would lose access to about 30 domains on Google and then potentially lose access to GoDaddy since I login with my @gmail.

Should I be concerned?

If it’s a matter of concern and it’s possible, what would be a suggested solution overall to avoid any potential loss of service, or loss of domain access?

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I’ve only used Network Solutions and Hover, but my email address at NetSol was just a username. And I don’t use an email address to log in at Hover.

I can see where you would have a problem if you were locked out of your email AND had a problem logging into your domain registrar at the same time.

Since you own several domains you could get a personal domain email account to use with your registar. Hover offers them for as little as $20/year.

Highly recommend this - either get a Hover account or a Fastmail account. I’ve used both, and Fastmail is obviously better for server-side rules and such - but if I were in your situation I’d just do the $20 Hover account. :slight_smile:

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