Google calendar

My daughters school has a google calendar on there website. Can I somehow link that to my calendar? Or do they have to invite me? I use Apple iCloud for my calendar.

If the calendar’s public, they won’t need to invite you. There should be a “+Google Calendar” button as in the screenshot below.

When you click that, assuming you’re logged in to you own Google account in the same browser, the calendar will be added to your account.

So you will need to have a Google account, but it’s a simple matter to add that to Apple’s Calendar app.

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Thanks for the help. But for some reason I can’t see it on my iOS calendar and dot says I’m subscribed to it. And everything seems normal, the events won’t show up.

Much of the Google classroom features are only available to people within the same Google domain. For example, my kids can’t send emails outside of anyone in their school. The same may apply to the calendar.

If it’s a Google Calendar for school events, I bet they’d have it set up such that it can be shared. That’s the whole point. You may have to ask for the link.

It’s showing up, I just can’t get it to show up on iOS now.

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Ah, I think something recently changed in google calendars. I used to be able to get those but now have to subscribe separately.

Perhaps this has some settings you could check.

How to Add Shared Google Calendar to iPhone or iPad - YouTube

Thanks for the video. That’s the best video I saw explaining what to do. Thanks for everyone’s help, it’s actually much easier then I thought it would be to add it. Once I had the link I just go to my calendars and add it like other people showed above. I thought I had to sign in with my gmail account and add it that way, it showed up but wouldn’t add to my iOS calendar. I was doing it wrong. Once you get the link it’s so much easier. I was over thinking it.

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This worked out once you find the link. It’s actually very easy.

I just have one more question. The links that I underlined , each like is only good for what it says ? I used the link that says iCal for my iOS calendar. Or are all the links interchangeable?

And the calendar will be updated automatically? That I subscribed to?