Google Contacts Not Syncing Birthdays To iPhone

Hello all,

Just wanted to know if anyone else encountered this issue, or if there is something going on my phone.

Any birthday in my Google Contacts that does not have a year attached, the birthday does not sync up to my iPhone. I found this odd and frustrating.

I contacted Flexibits since I use Cardhop instead of the built-in Contacts. I initially thought it was bug in their system, but then confirmed it happens also on the built-in contacts.

Has anyone found a solution (other than asking for the birth year of every contact that this is missing from)


I ran into a similar problem a few years ago when setting up a shared contact list at work. In that case some people (those more “seasoned” than others) did not want their birth year listed What we found is the Mac contact app and apparently all compatible contact apps requires month, day, and year.

Someone suggested we create the list using the previous year, such as 4/18/2018 that would make everyone 1 year old on their next birthday. I chose, instead, to scrap the project.

I would just use birth year 1900. Then you clearly know it’s a placeholder for the year

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