Google docs, TextExpander, external keyboard, iOS Dilemma

I’m looking for a solution to using Google docs in iOS and incorporating Text Expander using a bluetooth keyboard.

Most of my docs I have are in the Google system. My workflow works great with my Mac. However, when trying to work in iOS, it becomes more difficult especially when using my Bluetooth keyboard. I use many TextExpander snippets but they don’t work with the Bluetooth keyboard. The shortcuts work with Drafts when using the external keyboard but then I have to reformat everything once I import it into a google doc.

I’m also frustrated with the google doc program in iOS. When I’m using the external keyboard arrow keys to move the curser, it often jumps around to the beginning or end of the document which is not cool.

Thanks for any suggestions.

You would need to use a Textexpander enhanced application on iOS to make use of a keyboard. Whilst there are some out there that could say work with text files in Google Drive, Google Docs is something rather different as it is a cloud data store rather than a file you download directly.

If you could find a browser that was enhanced like this and have it take you to a desktop version of Google Docs that might work.

I did check Editorial’s inbuilt browser, but I couldn’t get it to load docs in the browser and snippet expansion looks like it is editor only.

Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. Getting the desktop version of docs in a browser has been a problem. But then would it would need to be compatible with text expander.
Hmmmm…might need to migrate to a different word processor that would be TextExpander compatible.