Google Drive Issues

Good morning friends! I have been creating Sheets on my iPad. They show up in the Sheets app on my iPad and my iPhone, but they do not show up in Drive in Chrome on my Mac. Anything I create in Chrome shows up on iOS/iPad OS, just not the other way around.

I can even copy the link from iPad OS and edit the Sheet in Chrome, but they just don’t sync. Any ideas?

have you tried using search on web to see whether the file can be located?

Also assuming that you are using the same google ID ( on both iPad and drive in Chrome

Yes, I am using the same ID. They sync works one way (from Chrome to iOS/iPadOS), but not the other way.

The files don’t actually sync to your iPad/iPhone. Unless you are using Drive for Desktop to mirror a copy to your Mac all your documents remain on Google Drive.

I’m going to take a guess that if you are using the same ID on all your devices, you might be looking for your files in the wrong place. When you are on your Mac don’t click on the Drive symbol in the kebab menu (3 dots menu) kebab Click on Sheets.

Regardless of how you may organize your files in folders, etc, under the Drive icon they will still appear under the Sheets, Docs, Slides icons that correspond with their type.

It confused me when I started too. :grinning:

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so you could not find (suggest using search on Chrome on desktop) the file ? I am not aware of a one way sync for Google Drive / Suite

I thought the iPad app is only a browser wrapper

No “files” here. I’m creating a Sheet on my iPad in the Sheets app and, in Chrome on my Mac, when I navigate to the Sheet created on my iPad is not in my Drive. This is not about the file syncing app; I don’t use that at all.

I understand. Try this: Don’t go to Log into your Google account on your Mac and click on the Sheets icon in the 3 dots menu. All the Sheets that exist in your account are available there.



this would work, but even going to, all types of files should be there including word, sheet, slides, etc

this is why using search on Chrome can be so powerful

For example I use type:sheet, all spreadsheet files will show up

I am still puzzled why there is no file shown when @richardtstovall search for it on Chrome

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I’m just guessing but it’s possible the missing sheet(s) have just been misfiled. Looking at the list of all Sheets will verify the existence of the “missing” sheet(s) in that account. I don’t think it is possible to have a Sheet, Doc, or Slide in your account that isn’t listed under its type (i.e. Sheets, etc) icon.

The only reason I use any “folders” on Google Drive is because I sync mine to my Mac so they can be backed up to Backblaze B2. It makes it easer if I ever have to recover a file from backup. I don’t bother with them when I’m working in a browser, I use search.

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Yep, that’s exactly what it was. The way I use these Sheets is I make copies from an existing sheet. It looks like, on the Mac, when I make copy it places the copy in the same folder as the original. On the iPad, it puts it in the root Drive. I was looking for them in the folder on my Mac and not finding them.

“Problem” solved!