Google Drive Workflow?

Does anyone have a good Google Drive workflow?
No matter how many systems I setup or do, things shared with me in Google Drive always get dropped.

Friend shared a Google Drive link via email.
I worked on the Doc for a bit and close it out.
I leave the email in my inbox (unable to achieve Inbox Zero) for faster link access to the Google Doc
If I archive the email (achieve Inbox Zero), I then forget to follow up on the Google Doc

Google Drive is installed on all my devices.
Cloud Mounter is also installed on my mac. (I was contemplating removing all Cloud Client apps at one point and just connecting when I need them)

Those of who use Google Drive regularly, can you share some workflows, how you operate if possible, and how you remember to check them.

side note - I know someone might say Google Drive notifications, the notifications never seem to work or be on time for me. Also, I have several Google Drive accounts on my mobile devices because of the hats I wear.

side note 2 - I also hate using Google Drive for document collaboration. But it seems to be the easiest and free option to use, instead of asking people to install more apps/services.

I just put it as a task in my to-do app, with the link.

I think the issue you’re having is not so much about Google Drive, but more that using email as a to-do manager sucks (at least that’s my experience, and a big drive behind inbox-zero)

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@GraemeS thank you for the response! The simplest answer is usually the easiest I guess.

The more I think about it, I could send the Google Drive Link to Omnifocus and put it as one of the projects and tasks.

I just wonder does this “break” the omnifocus mentality. Tasks are usually completed and cleared.
This would be ongoing forever project. I would liken it to blogging or podcasting.

Does anyone put blog or podcast tasks in their Omnifocus? Knowing that even though it’s repetitive and the same task of your routine, same schedule, etc.

Not exactly the same but I have a lot of tasks when teaching that are set to repeat. I could just leave all this out of OF because it’s going to be continuous for a term but it’s much better I think to have it all in there. I can’t envision a scenario where you’d want to have a task manager but have substantial ongoing tasks that aren’t in there.

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You might try adding the document to your Drive. (Best done through the File menu in Google Docs, but you can also list the file “Shared with Me” in Drive and right-click for contextual menu.)

This will put the shared file in your main Drive (you can also organize into a subfolder), and thus accessible through Cloud Mounter.

This at least keeps it more “findable” when you look in Drive.

umm… fully half my projects are on-going will never be done until I or the sheep die. At any given time about half of my projects are repeating or ongoing. I may finish this incarnation of the project but it will spawn a new one as soon as I am “done”.

So yes, I have podcasts =in my OF lists, and recurring blog posting stuff to write and read, and yearly vaccinations for sheep, how to register each years’ lambs and roughly 100 other recurring tasks this season.

As to the Google Drive Workflow: I put all such links/files etc n my own drive top level and add it in the project support material for the project it relates to. if small it’s in Omnifocus in the notes part for the project. If larger it’s in folder in DEVONThink in a note usually labeled Resources.