Google Meet video not showing inbound audio/video (Slack, Facetime work)

I use Google Meet on a Mac (OS 11.1, MBP 16" 2019). Halfway through today, my meetings stopped working. I can’t see or hear any other participants in the browser (tried Chrome & Safari). When I open the window to join a meeting, I can see my video preview and hear the test audio sounds. But when I join the meeting, I can’t hear/see the other participants and they can’t see/hear me.

However, I can use Facetime and Slack video/audio calls. Those work fine. I have restarted the computer & reinstalled Chrome. No luck. I’m thinking that there is some system-level item that is blocking the video and audio. Any suggestions? Thanks.

It works for me in Mozilla Firefox. Maybe try that.

Thank you. It works in Firefox, but I can’t get it to work in Chrome/Brave/Safari. I disabled all the extensions, but that didn’t change the results. Not sure if the same video engine powers all of them (it prob powers Chrome & Brave).

Unfortunately, Meet in Firefox has limited capabilities (can’t change background for example).

Maybe you can ask for help here.