Google One Vs Google Workspace (G Suite)

Hi all, looking for some advice. I am a teacher but also a “one man shop” for my side tutoring and speaking/education business. For this, I’d like to use google … do you guys have any advice for me ? Do I need the Google Workspace or can I do fine with google one ? Other than a custom domain what am I missing by going with Google One?

Thanks all!

Unless you need Google Currents (formerly Google+), you’ll probably do just fine with Google One. :slight_smile:

Thanks - I am doing some research. I like GoogleOne … the use your own domain may be the only reason to switch … but for now, I don’t need the unique domain.

Thanks again

If anyone else has some insight or some real world advice, I’d appreciate it. I am doing a trial of the Workspace now … feels similar and a lot of the tools would be better used by a group of people. But I have heard that the google workplace is more “secure” and your data isn’t “mined” - not sure how much of that is true.


I still think you’re better off using Google One.

First, it depends on how spending a few dollars more a month affects you. Google One basically just gives you more storage, which can be shared.

If I was researching the differences between Google One and Google Workspace, I would start with looking at shared drives and see how useful they would be to you going forward. Shared drives allows you to segment your information and control sharing and ownership, but also better organization.

So you could have one shared drive for your tutoring business, with sub-folders for each student and then give them access to only their sub-folder.

You could have another shared drive for your speaking/education business and segment that how you want.

That sounds interesting … I will explore this. Thanks

You are probably right :slight_smile: