Google Photos to Apple Photos Migration

OK… with the change in Google Photos policy, whereby you can no longer get free storage of your photos after sometime next year, I’m in the process of trying to migrate all of our photos out of Google Photos and into Apple Photos. I’ve used Google Takeout and have been able to download all of the pictures but have learned of two issues (at least) that I need to figure out before putting them all in Apple Photos. First, they separate out the EXIF info (time stamp and location data) from the picture into a separate file that Apple Photos doesn’t read and associate with the picture. Second apparently when you have a picture in different albums in Google Photos, the Takeout duplicates those photos for each different album. So if you had an album just for one of your kids and the same picture in other albums like for an event, you’ll get the same picture twice. I guess that leads to a third question of if there is any way to organize by albums the pictures I already have organized by albums… So… has anyone done this already and have any tips?? Hope! Hope!

Can you share a photo and the “separate file”?

If the file names are still matched or matchable, you should be able to restore the exif data - exiftool is your best bet .

That’s what I was thinking…if we can get an example (1 photo+attached file), it would be easy to figure out.

Thanks all, the file names do match except for extensions - (image file type) vs JSON extensions. Will check out exiftool!

Well it looks like this is starting to become a business opportunity:


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