Google Suite Legacy Accounts with Email forwards from Primary Domain to Alias Domain

I have a Gsuite Legacy account and a Google Workspace Standard Account I am looking to merge both into one account If I add the account as an Alias Domain to the Account can I forward emails sent to to

OK, to confirm, you currently have a Google Workspace account with as your primary domain. (i.e. you are receiving mail addressed to

If you add as an alias domain then mail sent to either domain will be delivered to the same inbox.

I ran into a minor problem when I was trying to add an alias account to my GW account (my fault). I contacted Google support and they walked me through the fix over the phone the next day. You might want to contact support before you start the process.

Note the difference in an alias domain and a secondary domain described in the text and the video. There is no extra charge for an alias domain. There is for a secondary.

Keep in mind you will need to transfer/download all your mail, calendars, photos, etc. before you close your @primary GSuite account.

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Thanks @WayneG. I will surely get in touch with Google Support.

Note that you can use Gmail’s data migration service to migrate email (including all labels) from one account to another if you are intending to close the old account (or if you no longer plan to access it regularly). This works well. Don’t forget to export and import any filters you may have (in fact, if you do this on the target account before migrating email, all filters will automatically apply to imported email).

This is also a very useful guide: