Google Takeout Help

I am trying to get all of my photos off of Google Photos, 300 and some mbs but everytime I try to download the .zip file that comes in the email something happens and it errors out.

I’ve only ever tried Safari for this task. Maybe Chrome would be better?

Are there any setting I haven’t adjusted, I allow my computer to be woken up for network access, that would keep my MBA from dropping the network connection when it sleeps?

Any help would be appreciated.

300MB is not a very big file these days. Think of the gigabytes you download for every Apple operating system update!

When Safari doesn’t work for me (rarely) I always try another browser like FireFox or Chrome. Because this involves Google, Chrome is the slam dunk choice.

I take it you’re on slow/remote Internet? I would try enabling System Preferences > Battery > Prevent from sleeping when display is off.

My mistake, it was 300 some gbs. :man_facepalming:

I’ve tried doing it in 50gb and 2gb files and it never seems to work.

Gib speed, but I was wrong about the size. It’s 300 some gbs not mbs.

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I see. That’s a whole different story. It took me days to upload that much data to offsite storage! :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha. All good. So the 2GB slices are failing to download? Or just the ones closer to 50 that can’t finish before your machine sleeps. Just trying to understand.

Wake on network doesn’t keep your machine alive, so one way or another you’ll have to disable sleep, whether in battery settings, with the disable sleep hot corner, or an app like Amphetamine.


Have you tried the “Add to Drive” option, installing Google Drive, then letting it sync?
I would think it would be more robust than a browser, and able to resume.

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iirc, last time I downloaded the Google photos takeout of around 400GB, I used 50mb size , it took me 3 days with constant refreshing of the web pages. I also used different computers to re-download those files that did not successfully downloaded 100% . At the end I had all the files

However, I did not know what I do with millions of json files. Seems a lot of duplications as well. I wish there is some best practice guide how to do and manage the takeouts files

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