Grammarly keyboard not working with the Magic Keyboard – anyone else?

The Grammarly keyboard works perfectly when my iPad is not on the Magic Keyboard. However, I cannot invoke the Grammarly keyboard with the iPad on the Magic Keyboard. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I uninstalled and reinstalled the Grammarly keyboard, and checked all the settings, and made sure I was signed in.

I’m running the latest iOS on the iPad.

Yes, I have the same issue with a hardware keyboard attached (the Logitech Combo Touch).

Grammarly has never been officially compatible with a hardware keyboard, but previously, on iPadOS 16, you could at least summon its software keyboard.

The issue seems to be that with iPadOS 17, Apple messed things up, and one can now only use the Globe key on the keyboard to switch languages and not to activate other software keyboards installed. This is a major step back and also incredibly annoying, at least the way I see it.

What works for me as a workaround - it’s clumsy, but it works:

  • tap the keyboard symbol on the floating keyboard bar (another incredibly annoying UI element in iPadOS that needs to go away ASAP).
  • show full keyboard
  • use the Globe key on the screen to switch to Grammarly.

This works for me, but it’s clumsy. Perhaps the third-party developers need to add support for switching keyboards with the hardware Globe key in iPadOS 17, so maybe we should be asking Grammarly support about this.

Just to add that sometimes, after activating the Grammarly keyboard in this way, it remains available and can be switched to using the (hardware) Globe key, but just for a while and then it goes away. Maybe it’s really Grammarly that needs to support this better.

You’re right, clumsy, but it works, thanks! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one with this issue.