Grammarly on Safari (iOS13). A dream coming true?

With the coming changes in Safari, will I finally be able to run Grammarly on the iPad? :grinning:

As that’s a browser extension I don’t think so.

It’s worth noting that Grammarly already has a custom keyboard for iOS.

I don’t use it that often (I primarily use Grammarly on my Mac), but it is handy to have when needed. And it should work fine in any app, including Safari.

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I meant using Grammarly in “desktop mode” :grinning:

I know and I’ve used it.

I think it’s such a poor keyboard though. Perhaps good for occasionally checking a few words, but not good to review a full text (especially when EN is not your mother tongue :grinning: ).

It sounds like it could use some work. Anyway, it’s a start. I encourage you to share your feedback with the folks at Grammarly (if you haven’t already).

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I assume the original post was about being able to use the Grammarly website in Safari on the iPad in “Desktop Mode”.

(I believe they currently prevent this by checking the User Agent, but I haven’t tested it.)

It definitely seems like it would be a possibility, although I would warn against writing anything long-form in a web browser. Instead, write it in something like Notes/Drafts/Bear/etc and then copy/paste it into Grammarly’s web page, so if you do lose it, you still have the original.


iPadOS Safari identifies itself as a Mac in the user agent.