Grapefruit for personal logging and tracking?

Has anyone else tried Grapefruit?

It just came up on Setapp. it’s a daily logging app. Certainly not the first I’ve seen, but I like the ability to look at trends over time. I don’t love the lock-in of a proprietary format, but I’m not sure what I’d do with the information anyway.

anyone have any experience?


Looks interesting. Sorta’s tagging features, but without the subscription (and without tying-in of other health data).

I’ll answer for others the first question I asked: there is a mobile app.

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Thank you very much for this. I have been hoping to get back into daily journaling, more for reflection and mental well-being. I have a subscription for Day One but that always turns into more of a collection of photos and a travel log (you know, back when we could travel) when I use it for some reason. I am sure I could use Day One for what I want, but maybe a fresh start with a different app might be worth a try.

And thanks @ryanjamurphy for the heads up on the mobile app.


I agree. and btw, the mobile app is not included in the SetApp subscription, even though I pay for the setup iOS option. but that’s a whole other thread! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The FAQ on the website is incomfortably elusive about any kind of end to end encryption, contrary to what Diarly, Day One and even DEVONthink explicitly have. So I guess they don’t have it, then it’s an automatic pass for me.


I wonder if the mobile app work with the Setapp version without the Setapp luxury tax of $30/year per mobile device? The Grapefruit mobile app is not showing in Setapp’s “Available on iOS” section. (Yet.)

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