Graphics Problem

For a few months now I’ve been experiencing an intermittent problem that is hard to describe and I am currently unable to reproduce. Yep, this is going to be one of those problems.

TL/DR: Videos and other graphical content stop working properly on my Retina iMac.

The whole story:

On occasion when I’m trying to watch video on youtube or twitch on either Safari or Google Chrome the video will either not playback at all or it will play at light speed. The only solution is a system restart. It also causes other concurrent issues such as de sync with audio in other apps like games. I first thought it was a problem with youtube, but it seems to me that the problem is in the Mac somewhere either in the software or in the hardware but I’m not sure how to debug this issue. Any help (or even sympathy!) would be appreciated.

May be worth reinstalling macOS:


If that doesn’t do it, it may be time to visit the Genius Bar/Grove/Whatever.

You have my sympathy (because you asked) over this issue. I completely support Stephen’s advice of reinstalling the OS. Clean install would be best. Yes, it is a lot of work but probably worth it.

Did you try a different User account to replicate what is occurring with YouTube?

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Thank you Stephen. Yeah, that’s my fear. I may just deal with it until the next major update and then do a good ol’ nuke and pave.

Good to hear you on MPU, btw. If you make it up to Portland again (I think the last I saw you was XOXO about 3-4 years ago) let me know. I’d love to share a beverage of your choice!

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I have not; I hadn’t thought of that. But, if a reinstall is in my future it may not be worth testing at this point.