Great App monitor control app - Better Display

Found this great app out of nowhere and I don’t have to ever touch the monitor button and macOS “Displays” settings again! Everything in menubar


I too discovered this about six weeks ago and can not recommend it highly enough. For me, it’s replaced Vivid and Lunar (both competing for my “how-do-I-best-adjust-the-brightness-on-my-external-monitor” slot) and the venerable SwitchRes, which I’ve used since OS9 days to access resolutions that Apple thinks I don’t care about. And it works better and does more than all of them, including (as far as I can tell) compatibility with f.lux

Interestingly, I also recently purchased a Monduo display for my MBP (which I am 110% satisfied with, other than the (expected) drawback that the displays are not retina).

And Monduo comes with its own menubar app – which as far as I can tell must be a bespoke version of Better Display that loses a few features but exchanges them for Monduo-specific needs. For now, I have both installed, and they seem to work harmoniously together.

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