Great portable keyboard - ERGONOMIC

Goldtouch make a lovely Bluetooth, ergonomic keyboard, that’s Mac / iPad compatible, and I’ve just started using it with my iPad. It’s summer here in New Zealand and I like nothing more than typing outside. I’m working on a new book and this keyboard (along with Scrivener) just makes it soooooo much easier.

I’m going to start using it with my MacBook Pro, just so I don’t have to use its keyboard.

I’ve found a few little glitches with the keyboard - it doesn’t command-tab consistently - but it works wonderfully for the typing bit, which is where the words come out.


I used desktop versions of this keyboard for well over a decade. They held up much better than I expected given how heavily I used them and they were a dramatic improvement in comfort for me during a period when I was having a lot of wrist pain. It’s good to see that Goldtouch is still around.

The key layout on this one looks a bit compressed. Do you have a feeling for how it would work for someone with large hands?

I like your office.

I have a white Goldtouch keyboard that is probably over 10 years old. I went through one replacement of the locking mechanism, probably about three years after I got the keyboard. I had been moving it around (traveling with it) quite a bit, so I was locking and unlocking the tent quite a bit. Shortly after I got the replacement locking mechanism, it broke again. I have since resolved to use a manual fix. I put an empty Altoids tin (Wintergreen if you must know the details) under the top center to set the tenting angle.

I have the Goldtouch at home and a Kinesis Freestyle at work. I carry the Kinesis with me when I travel for extended trips. While it does not “fold”, it does collapse well enough to be reasonably portable.

I highly recommend split “ergonomic” designs for anyone who can touch type (the things one learns to do in high school sometimes really do matter).


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I’m a big fella and it works well. That said, I’m comparing it with the smart keyboard.

I like it, for when I’m out and about.