Great Support from Smile Software

I have to let people know what a great support experience I just had with Smile Software, specifically with their PDFPen Pro. I had downloaded a pdf template to help summarize the beers I brew as part of my hobby. The form was intended to be completed manually, and I used PDFPen Pro to create fillable fields on the form.

The trouble I had was that I wanted to rearrange the tab order of the fields so they flowed in a way compatible with how I fill out the form. Well, after moving a few of the fields, the app would hang while saving. I isolated it to one field that was repeatable.

I reported the issue to Smile Software and sent them a copy of the pdf file. They were able to repeat the issue and found the problem to be with the original pdf file. That would have been the end of it with many companies, but Smile went further. Not only did they give me a step by step process for fixing such files in the future, but they actually repaired the document and sent it back to me.

They did similar with another issue I had—actually writing an AppleScript to produce something I was looking to do. Again sending me back the repaired document.

It was very refreshing to experience this level of service. I have nothing but good things to say about how I was treated.

I know there are many discussions on this forum concerning which pdf app to use and I think this level of support could tip the hand of anyone having trouble deciding which to choose. My kudos to Smile Software.


Thanks for sharing this. I find it refreshing to read posts of gratitude and appreciation. In a world brimming with the negative and sensational, reading an unsolicited positive review sets a good tone for my day. :slight_smile: