Green-bubble messaging dead/un-synced on/to Mac

I used to easily send/receive non-iMessage texts on my Mac that would sync back and forth with my iPhone. This stopped around 3 weeks ago, although random texts from my iPhone continue to occasionally sync to my iMac, the last one being nine days ago.

I can type texts on the iMac and they show up as green bubbles and act like they were sent … but they aren’t (the recipient doesn’t get them, and neither does my iPhone).

Very odd. I finally have a little time to try to fix it. Any suggestions?

Make sure you’re signed into iMessage on the Mac, with the ID settings the same as your iPhone. On the phone, make sure the Mac is listed in the Text Message Forwarding settings if you want SMS to come and go from the Mac.

Son of a gun it somehow got turned off! Thanks a bunch. I’ll see if that fixes it.

It used to turn off on me all the time. Felt like I was having to sign back in every couple of months.

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