Gripes with Safari iPadOS

I open a lot of tabs by long-pressing on a link on a website and then open in a new tab. This has been so fast since - always . Just a long press and then one tab with a finger on “Open link in a new tab”.

In iPadOs this has changed. It’s no longer as fast as all. Is this annoying to anyone else as well?

I find that using a two-finger tap to open links in a new tab is preferable. It’s faster and works well regardless of how the tap-and-hold mechanism evolves over time.


I miss the double-tap to zoom in and out of images.

I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t always register as a two-finger tap, and then it just opens the link, which is frustrating.

What’s your secret to doing this reliably?

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I realized that when it misfires for me, it’s because I didn’t have my two fingers close enough together. I guess it was registering them as two separate taps instead of a single two-finger tap.

In any case, if I make sure my fingers are actually squeezed together when doing the tap, it seems to work pretty much flawlessly.

I was figuring that my problems were due to the fact that my index and middle finger are different lengths.

Maybe I should get my index finger elongated or trim my middle finger down.

(Just kidding… probably.)

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Maybe try middle and ring fingers.

I have this same anatomical challenge and while it never presented itself in the case of this two-finger-tap dance (which I never knew of; I always long pressed, too), I have experienced it when trying turn my iPad software keyboard into a trackpad using the two-finger tap.** If the keyboard registers your fingers separately, it thinks you are trying to do text-selection instead of cursor movement.

** How’s that for a run-on sentence?

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I had this same issue at first, but then I realized that “open in a new tab” came up as the first option in my context menu. So it does not seem to be taking me longer than it used to.

I keep having this issue.

I always have a lot of tabs open in Safari on my iPad running iPadOS.

But I often experience that my tabs disappear when I open a new window on iPadOS, through slide-in or private safari tabs. Then I can’t find those tabs again, but I can see that they’re still available on my iPad through iCloud Safari tabs on iPhone (see screenshot).

Can anyone explain why this happens and what I can do to prevent it?

When they disappear on iPadOS then I have to go on my iPhone and find the open tabs and pull the tabs into my iPhone and then again pull them from my iPhone into my iPad. If that makes sense at all.

I hope someone can help explain me how this works

Have you tried merging all windows? Touch and hold the tab button for that.


Thanks Rose :blush:

I will try and do that next time, this problem appears. I assume that action will take other Safari windows that might be open and merge them in the currently open window. That should solve the issue