Grocery list not working in ios17

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but the automatic grouping of items isn’t working for me. I’ve made it a grocery list on settings. Anyone else finding this. I’m in UK but not sure that’s an issue.

I just tried and got it to work. I typed “turkey” and it went into a “meat” category. I typed “cookies” and it had me choose between cookie dough ice cream and cookies (sweets).

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I apparently missed this. What app is this feature included with?

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The iOS 17 version of reminders.

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Strange. Just tried that and no categories.

I had the same problem for a while, but it started working after about an hour or so. I assume it was a problem with my reminders updating in the background and their servers being utterly hammered yesterday

Finally, I discovered that when you enter something like “yogurt” it takes a second or two once you hit “done” to work out where it is supposed to go.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. Set up a new list and it’s still not working. I’ll leave it a bit longer to see if it sorts itself out.

It’s started working now.


If you had a pre-existing list (like I did) you need to go to the drop down menu in the list info and set the “type” of the list. Once I set my shopping list to be a “groceries” type, it worked as expected.


Doesn’t seem to be working for me in german, despite setting the correct list type - ah well 17.0.1 probably isn’t far off :blush:

It eventually started working after setting the correct list type - in German. But… :laughing: It for sure needs some work in German.

Müller (=brand name) Yoghurt went to “Wine, Beer and Spirits”. … … … Apples went to Snacks instead of “fruit/vegetables” where I would have expected them to be (and where they are located in the grocery store over here).

And I guess that syncing with MacOS Ventura reminders does not help for it to work properly. It will be interesting to see how this will work out when Sonoma is being released and installed on my Macs.


When items are not put in the correct categories, you can correct them and Reminders should learn from that. Create grocery lists in Reminders on your iPhone - Apple Support

Customize your Groceries list: You can quickly move an item to another category if you don’t like where Reminders automatically places it. Tap and hold the item, then drag it to another category. When you manually categorize a grocery item, your Groceries list remembers your preference next time you add that item.

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It’s working for me in the UK.

This is a fun comment. Are we about to learn the differences between American and European supermarkets? :joy:


I am in the UK and it works for me. You do have to choose “Shopping” from the list type options.