Group texts sent to individuals

I have a sporadic problem that drives me nuts.

Randomly, if i send a group text message, the recipients get the text but as if i only sent it to them. If they reply, it only comes back to me.

I can’t seem to narrow the problem down. I think that it could be because one of the recipients is an Android user but i think i have had an issue where everyone was on Apple (but not sure).

Sometimes, i think it happens more frequently when I’m sending from my ipad.

Googling for answers has not helped.

When this has happened to me it’s because not all of the messages are sending to iMessage. I think Messages must be binary - either send as group iMessage, or send messages individually.

I feel like 95% of the time it works but I can’t decipher when it doesn’t.

The best instance of this was when I was texting with my siblings. We all have iPhones. The text string spit in two, but the four of us were on both strings. Very strange.

It doesn’t happen often enough to be able to discern any common factors.

I wonder if you have a contact who turns their phone off, or goes out of mobile signal, forcing the message to go individually?

It annoys me how quickly my phone wants to “send as text” when I am out of service (like on a train) rather than waiting for the signal to come back.