Grouped Tabs in iPad OS Safari

Hello to all you fellow “thrill seekers”… I just updated to iPad OS (so far I LOVE it) but can’t find a way to access tab groups in safari. I managed to add tabs to a group via the share sheet but can’t figure out how to re-open them. Any help? Thank you!

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I couldn’t find anything on google.

Long press on the safari icon does not give you a “show all windows” option? (does for me on ios13)

Not sure we’re talking about the same thing… I mean this feature and how to access the tabs I added to a board.

Are you sure it is not a Collect app board? (WeChat has a collect app I believe?)
As far as I know there is no such “add to collect board” feature in native safari?

If it is a Collect app board, you would have to open that app to find them

Hahaha, you are totally right! WeTransfer was the app responsible for this… but still: In the keynote they talked about saved tab sets. I assume this just means to create a folder containing all the current tabs by long-pressing the bookmarks/reading list symbol?!

No it means having 2 tabs open in split view and then being able to find them with a long press on the safari icon.

good description in this Verge article

I stand corrected! This is indeed also the case.

Ok, it all makes sense… I just envisaged this feature differently, more like a separate thing/submenu and not “just” an already existing functionality in a more capable version.