Gruber's iPhone Xs camera review

John Gruber’s review of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max is up on Daring Fireball. In truth, it’s really a review of the new camera and camera software. He shows some pretty impressive differences between the iPhone X camera and the iPhone Xs. Smart HDR seems to make a fairly significant difference. He was even able to suss out some differences in the wide-angle camera hardware that Apple didn’t really emphasize in the keynote (including the fact that the sensor is 30% bigger).

Some folks have been pooh-poohing the iPhone Xs as a disappointing upgrade, but between this and the keynote it seems like it may be a bigger deal if the camera is important to you.

(this really has me looking forward to Austin Mann’s inevitable iPhone Xs review)


Yeah some folks are never satisfied and just need to complain just of the sake of it or want to make themselves feel better for not being able to afford it.

His review was enough to clinch the sale for me.
I’m coming from a 6 and only resisted the X because reviews indicated Portrait Mode was still problematic. It now seems to be complete, and HDR looks amazing.
Waiting for a release date here now…