GTD killer app, based on David Allen's

In July 2019, I published this post about an experiment to build a working system as sketched in David Allen’s drawings. The post has gotten quite some attention, and I have received many questions. I have also posted the links to the used Shortcuts, Applescripts, and Keyboard Maestro macros, which were downloaded a lot from this community.

It is about the absolutely fantastic product OmniFocus and its automation features, the excellent stuff the Omni-team has been doing, and this community that shares a lot of knowledge and experience.

Because the system has brought and is bringing value to me, I continue innovating the setup. Furthermore, Apple improved iOS/ iPadOS/ MacOS with Shortcuts, Widgets, and many more improvements. On top of that, Drafts 5 and OmniFocus are also progressing continuously (worth the subscription business model). “The way of working” evolved last 1.5 years, and I received some requests to publish the more matured system.

For me, it is a lifesaver, to read further: David Allen design for GTD killer app brought into practice

How it shows now !


I’m not entirely sure your link works, I get redirected to a wordpress login page on iOS.

I believe the link for visitors is:


Wow, this is really really impressive @Bert_Kruisdijk !!

I was very impressed by your previous post last year and incorporated a lot of your ideas into my own workflow. Really enjoyed reading the highly detailed new write up. Thanks a lot.

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As @tjluoma points out the link to the article is not entirely correct, but the link in the article to the OF setup should also be amended. (Now drops you to the same login page)

Can you provide the correct one for that page as well? I’m very interested to read that one.

I’ve spent hours pouring over these articles in the past two days. This is amazing stuff!

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@Bert_Kruisdijk could you kindly post the corrected links? This is super impressive