GTD Mind Sweep in Shortcuts

I am trying to create a one-button GTD mind sweep in shortcuts using the standard incompletion triggers list from the book/web.

I have a text list of the items and would like the shortcut to give me a text entry window for each item on the triggers list then pass along whatever comes to mind to OmniFocus. So far, I know I can paste all 300+ items in the list individually into Ask for Input Shortcuts actions, but that seems unnecessarily complicated. I see a Text and a Split Text Shortcuts action available, but I cannot seem to get the text list to actually split into individual lines. The only result I get is a text box with the entire list as a prompt. What am I missing here? It makes sens in my head but not in the result.

Ask for input needs your repeat item. I would also not add to OmniFocus inside the repeat loop, instead after it combine the text and add that to omnifocus as TaskPaper.

I have a sample that does exactly this on my site:

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Nice! Thank you. It works perfectly.