GTD on a Windows machine

I’ve just been hired as a sort of personal assistant/consultant once in-a-while for someone who needs my help.

I suspect this person is a Windows-person (hence why they need help…). Is anyone familiar with a GTD-type Task Management app that works on Windows, like Things 3 or OmniFocus?

Have you considered Microsoft To-Do?

It has a lot of great features and syncs great on Windows.

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I’ve been pretty happy with Todoist. I am on my windows work machine during the day (and a lot of other times) and it’s the app i’ve found that works for my quasi-GTD setup and is cross-platform.

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I can’t vouch for it because I’ve never used it, but David Allen’s company has put together a guide for using Outlook and Microsoft To-Do as the basis of a GTD system:

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Many years ago, I used MLO. It was already quite powerful, and has been in active development since. Clients for Windows, iOS and Android with a cloud sync option.


Omnifocus for web

It’s the best (already)

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I disagree. It’s the best on Apple products, but the web version is poor compared to competitors, especially if this is the only place you’d use it. ESPECIALLY at $50-$60 a year.

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I agree if it is only used on a Windows machine.

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I we will go with Todoist for the web, Windows and iPhone… but the non-premium version…

Todoist has deferred dates right?

As I mentioned I use Things 3 religiously. But they don’t have a windows or web version as far as I know, so it will probably be Todoist

They don’t have a defer date, which sucks. There are some work arounds but its not as elegant.

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Any windows/web app that works pretty much like Things? Besides OmniFocus. which is also free… I know a longshot