Guest speaker, David Sparks

I’ve just noticed that @MacSparky is tentatively-scheduled to be the guest speaker (remotely?) for the March 2019 meeting of our local Mac User Group.

Great, now continue to keep all details a secret! :roll_eyes:


That’s all I know, there is no topic at the moment.

Where is your group?

Apparently, he does’t know.

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Planetside, on a landmass somewhere.

I’m guessing, of course.


Could be on a ship at sea. Or under the waves, on SeaLab.

Or an offshore oil platform.

Just guessin’

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The Bay Area, but we frequently do Skype sessions with presenters from all over the world. In fact, more often then not the presentations are done remotely. We meet on the Google campus, in Mountain View, CA.

Given that David is in the same time zone, it is conceivable he may be in the area and agreed to give a presentation. It would be great to meeting him in person.


Hey Gang. I don’t think a topic has been settled on but it will be a remote appearance. Looking forward to it though.