Gutenberg New WordPress Editor

Have you looked at Gutenberg WordPress’s new editor. WP is offering as a plugin so users can try it out. They stated it will be the editor of choice next major revision.

If you don’t like the new, the old editor can be reinstalled as a plugin.

With 10 minutes of experience… it looks interesting. I uses blocks to build posts/pages. There seems like a closer connection to the posts/pages being built or revised.

My only muttered grouse is another _________ thing to learn. Balanced with maybe this will be fun…

Welcome to the wonderful world of blocks! Click the “+” (“Add block”) button to add a new block. There are blocks available for all kind of content: you can insert text, headings, images, lists, and lots more! — WPress

I tried it yesterday for the first time. It reminds me of Squarespace’s design process. Too early to tell, but looks interesting.

I’m on for my personal site, does anyone know how one might see these Gutenberg improvements there?

I suspect the latest version of WordPress is needed.

I write and upload my web posts in Ulysses. As a experiment, I composed a post using Gutenberg and my 10.5’’ with an onscreen keyboard. It worked. If I do that again I will use my Logitech 811 keyboard. … did not like the cramped feeling of the software keyboards.