Gym iPhone App Recommendation

That’s the thing that drives me crazy about all types of software, websites, etc… the obvious lack of real feedback from users driving design and implementation decisions.

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Same here, I’ve been using Strong for many years as well and haven’t had any issues. Currently at 778 workouts logged. I haven’t talked with the developer in a few years, but he was responsive and helpful then. I sure hope I don’t run into the same issue.

To be honest I wouldn’t even mind wiping out some old workouts. The last two years are probably all that is relevant to me anymore.

I definitely agree that it feels pretty stagnant and I have been watching for new entries lately. I’m willing to give Hevy a shot, but I really don’t like the social aspect. Trying it out a bit, I don’t think I’ll be switching.

I really wish one app would add automatic increments to a routine. It’s not a major issue considering they both show you the previous lift, but then I have to type in the new weight. Let me specify on a per routine and per exercise basis, an increment for which the weight will change so every time I start a workout it reflects an accurate weight automatically.

If I bench press 135lbs on Monday, I want the app to automatically set my bench press to 140lbs next time. Let me customize this to account for micro plates as well.


GymBook – great for logging workouts, lightweigth, no false “AI” promises, no subscription, only some valuable IAP.

Not my experience :man_shrugging:

I chose Strong a while back and haven’t really looked for anything since. It’s relatively simple and does what I want, tracks my weight workouts and integrates with the Health app. I wasn’t really looking for something to create workouts for me or try to coach me. I just wanted something I could use to track dumbbell workouts at home. It integrates with Shortcuts too so you can start a workout by scanning an NFC tag, for example. I have an NFC tag on my workbench though I end up typically using the watch app because it works really well.

I never noticed the amount of reviews Fitbod has. I’m going to guess at least 98.35% of them are fake.

Just used Hevy for the first time today and I’m liking it. Thanks for the recommendation. That’s going to save me $10/mo

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I went back on the hunt for a new workout tracking app and found myself reviewing the recommendations in this thread again. I figured I’d provide an update and offer a new suggestion.

Strong is now in beta for version 6.0. I’ve been on the TestFlight for a while, and I’m not super impressed. It’s good, but it doesn’t improve the way I hoped it would. There’s some improvements and some regressions.

The big one I’d like to bring up is Liftin. This is the closest app I’ve found to being perfect. It is a native iOS app and that is obvious in its design. It’s the only one I’ve tried that has automatic progression of lifts. It also supports Live Activity so I can see my rest timer while using my phone for other things.

The live activity piece is fantastic to have.


I might have to take a look at Liftin.


I admit that I have not tried most of the apps mentioned. I’ve used SmartGym for several years, and I’ve been satisfied with it.

I have been using Hevy off and on. I like it well enough, but I want an app that will mix things up without me having to tell it as much. So I tried Fitbod, which is fine as well, but then it gets into doing exercise I don’t want to do and/or I don’t think are beneficial. After trying a few apps, there are a lot of good apps, but none I really fell in love with (that might because I really do not like lifting in general). Also, part of the problem is I am limited on equipment and won’t go to a gym.

A lot of my problem is they are all subscription based. I am not against subs, I have a bunch, I just don’t want to pay for one that really doesn’t seem to do much to deserve a sub. If I could pay $20 for Hevy, and have all the features, I would be good with it. For that reason I keep falling back on Garmin. The watches aren’t great for lifting, and often get in the way of the exercise, but once you get used to the quirks, they work.

Seems like a spreadsheet on my iPad/laptop would probably do as much as the apps.

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This one looks pretty good. I hadn’t tried this one. It appears to geared toward programming for you, which is why I ignored it, but as far as Apple ecosystem workout apps go it looks nice.

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