Gym iPhone App Recommendation

Hi Folks. I’m a former FitBod user but gave up my sub last month. Their AI feature is buggy so I’m looking elsewhere.

The primary feature I’m looking for is an app that provides a huge variety of exercises (and equipment).

I’m assuming JeFit is one. Any others you’d recommend?

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If you’re just looking for something to track lifting workouts, try Hevy. Very well done.


I’ve been using Strong for years and would highly recommend it.

If you want an app that will build a workout for you then Caliber and Strongur are both great options.


Downloaded - looks good.

Caliber looks amazing - trying as well. Thanks.

I second Hevy. I liked the app especially because you can add notes to help you with form and add comments during your work out. For example, 25 lbs felt to heavy, try 22.5 lbs next time

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What’s about Apples own Fitness App?

I can not believe that Caliber is free. The only cost is the coaching, if that’s your jam.

Not sure how they stay in business.

Calibre are launching a pro tier with group coaching but I think the current tier will remain as is. It’s a really nice app and the workouts are good.

I’m grandfathered in to Strong but even if I wasn’t I’d be paying for it. Love the widgets to track PR’s and things like weekly sessions. The in workout experience is also very smooth.

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Hope you get some good alternatives to try.

I’ve been a Fitbod user for just over a year. I love it and haven’t encountered bugs. Would you mind telling me which you experienced? I may not be noticing!

Is there an app that will produce workouts based on the equipment I have available? For instance, can the app spit out a workout using a Peleton, rowing machine, squat rack and weights but not a lat pull down machine?

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What’s buggy about it? I’ve been using it for awhile and haven’t had any issues but if there is something I’m missing, or better out there, I’d look into another app as well.

I’m grandfathered into Strong premium and used it for years. It’s a great app, but I switched to Hevy when Strong started randomly deleting workouts, exercise routines, etc. When I emailed the developer, they said I just had too much data (over 1000 workouts). Not great.

Also, FYI, Strong hasn’t received new features in quite some time (years?). So essentially the developer is charging a subscription while not really working on the app, as far as I can tell.

Hevy is under active development and seems to be where most Strong exiles go.

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The AI is not very intelligent - at least according to my experience (and many on the FitBod Reddit sub). Many experienced FitBod users only use the app to log their workouts, and ignore the recommendations. And while that is a viable option, the cost of FitBod does not justify using the app as a gym diary.

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One of the coolest - or gimmicky, ymmv - features is the weekly strength score and strength balance. I’ve never seen that before.

I’m prone to shiny and new things, so for the time being - this motivates me to life heavier things :wink:

Semi-random tangent, but have you checked out Nerd Fitness? Ive not looked at it in a while but they did a great job of gamifying workout plans.

If you want a relatively low frequency but solid training plan to add structure in along side cardio I’d recommend Jeff Nippard’s ‘Fundamentals’ plan - he has options from as little as two sessions a week.

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Had no idea about the workout limitations, will need to check out Hevy. Thanks!

Thanks for the response! Yup, Peleton has all that stuff but it just seems like you still need an overall plan otherwise it’s just a menu of things to do - bike, bodyweight, gym. I was looking for something with an overall strategy as to how to tackle each workout with some sort of goal in mind.

I haven’t had any major issues with Fitbod, but I find that its weight recommendations for new exercises are poor and not well-informed by performance on other exercises. Examples from the past week:

  • Kettlebell Halos for the first time. It started me at 3x11 reps per side and 30 pounds. That was a bit of a struggle.
  • Elbows out bent-over dumbbell row for the first time. It started me at 3x10 and 5 pounds. The last time it gave me “regular” bent-over dumbbell rows, I did 3x14 at 15 pounds, and I’ve gone heavier in the past. Finding 5 pounds way too easy, I overrode the weight suggestion for the remaining sets.
  • Dumbbell Glute Bridge. It gave me 8, then 10 pounds at 20 seconds. In the past, it’s had me go much heavier, and much longer. As above, I overrode it and we’ll see what happens next time

For some exercises, especially new ones, I think it starts too low and when you override it because what it gave you was far too easy, it stays with its own original recommendations instead of adjusting based on the weight/reps/time you changed it to (this what the “how easy/difficult was this?” prompt is supposed to feed into, isn’t it?) and coming up with a better recommendation for next time. Is this a bug or a feature? I don’t know.

/cc: @TheWart


This is one thing Fitbod does make reasonably clear. If it’s a per side/per arm exercise, it will call out “per arm” right under the weight.

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