Gym or Facility Software Experience?

hey MPU,

I am wondering if anyone has experience in gym or facility management software, or if anyone here has experience in working at a gym facility.

One of the projects I am involved in trying to launch a membership management system. I am trying to find a ‘good system’ that allows for

  1. membership management (on the individual and family level)
  2. facility reservations
  3. class enrollments
  4. member id cards (so staff can scan people at the door)
  5. reporting options (new members, renewals, financials, etc)
  6. Payment processor integration for all the above

I have been trying to use a system by Active Network. They are supposedly a large corporation and provide solutions from small places to big YMCA/City level. However, my gripe with them is the lack of customer service. They are super available in ‘signing-me’ on as a client, but then super sluggish when responding to my requests post-signing on. I had complained last week that no one had responded for 3 days to my email, the response I got was “tell us what times you are available and we can call you to see what you need”. I replied to that e-mail about 30 hours ago, in addition to asking what was the higher tier product costs and demo. Crickets. I get that corporations get busy, but I have dealt (and I am sure others on the forums as well) with both large and small corporations, pre-covid, during-covid, post-covid?, but it’s a bit annoying when they “flip” from selling and being available to non-existent for support.

Thoughts on different software?

Have you checked out Mindbody?