Habit tracking app with Notes

I currently journal in DayOne, and I’m not looking to change that, but I want to get a bit more serious about habit tracking.

However I don’t just want a simple check mark when I met the objective (like Streaks on IOS), I want to mark something as completed or not, but then I want to add notes about what happened. E.g. If I’ve not been healthy today I want to say why I had a “Bad” meal (I treated myself), or why I didn’t achieve 30 minutes of exercise and I want to be able to see these notes all together without having to go in and out of screens for different days.

Is anyone aware of an app like this. I’d prefer iPadOS, but iphone or Mac would be OK.

I could do something like this in DayOne but I couldn’t look at all of the notes in one screen.

You could build such a system pretty easily in Tana - even in the current beta version. It’s main mission/design is to permit automation and custom metadata similar to what you describe.

That said- the beta waiting list seems to be about 4-8 weeks long at present, and there is a steeper learning curve with Tana than other note-taking or to-do applications.

Thanks for the suggestion

Tana is off the table for one good reason, the requirement for a google account.

I can only guess this is to ease authentication from their perspective, but if I can’t use my own email address to sign up for something, I won’t use it.

I agree. I will NEVER sign up for a service or for an app if I can’t use my own credentials. Most recently, I’ve been using Hide My Email for all new service signups.


For me that doesn’t make sense, by using Hide my Email, I’d be beholden to Apple. Because I use my own domain, Apple can’t affect my signups.

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I don’t have my own domain so for me, Hide My Email, is the “lesser of evils.” Maybe I shouldn’t, but I trust Apple; so far, they’ve earned my trust. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t disagree, but Apple have suspended people from their Apple ID before now, with limited chance of appeal and no way to speak to a person.

I’m a benign type so I’m feeling safe. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can also build such a system using Notion with its free version. It is cross platform as well. :+1:

I agree with this suggestion. I have a small habit tracker database in Notion and each day is a separate page so I can write as many notes as I want.

Unfortunately Notion also requires a Google logon. :pensive:

If you’re up to a bit of adventure, you could try Anytype

It’s in alpha right now, but quite solid. Similar to Notion on some ways but free and no Google needed.

I’ve been using it for non-critical stuff for over a year and it’s developing quite well.

It’ll do what you want, but need your work to set it up.

Thanks, it looks interesting, but they don’t let you into the app until you’ve had a 1 hour onboarding session. Unfortunately the only available times are slap bang in the middle of the workday.

I’ll keep an eye on it though.

You don’t need Google to set up a Notion account. You can use your Apple ID or an email address connected to neither Google or Apple.

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Is there a reason you don’t want to use a spreadsheet? Seems like it would do what you want, but less aesthetically pleasing I guess :joy:

I want to be able to update it on my iPhone or iPad and Numbers is too finicky on an iPhone. It’s an option though if I can’t find what I want in an app

I think then you should try the Notion way. Their mobile apps are good too. Though, I personally use Obsidian. But, for a habit tracker obsidian is cumbersome even with available plugins.

Yup, agree with you on the already invested in Notion part. For only habit tracking Plus if you track with Numbers, you can also generate charts :bar_chart: easily for visualisations :+1:

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