Hackintosh anyone?

It seems this subject hasn’t been breached here.
I ran across a post on Twitter of someone’s #macdellpro
The Dell laptop comes in at $1200 less than an equivalent MBP, plus look at all those ports :slight_smile:

Anyone tried making a hackintosh?


I did it a couple years back on an intel NUC unit. Was good in the main, but iMessage not crossing over really annoyed me and I put it in a cupboard and forgot about it.

Setup was reasonably good and followed guides etc.

Prior to that I ran it on the original surface pro but the lack of WiFi at the time killed the idea, hated having a dongle sticking out.

Probably wouldn’t recommend unless you like a faff.

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I really want to try something like this out, but I hear that upkeep to keep them operating is a bit of a nuisance. What’s your experience been with that, thus far?

Was a couple years back I did it. Maybe El Capitan into Sierra time. It was a pain. You had to wait for patches or take the risk that something broke and subsequently figure out repairing it.

For me it was like when I used to use windows, spent more time fixing things than using it properly - was why I moved to Apple in the first place.

Overall fine as a hobby but I certainly wouldn’t consider it a full time machine and if you have access to a normal Apple (which I am guessing you do to be on here) then you will probably find the experience frustrating.

Give it a go though, everyone is different!

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Sounds like Linux for me. The computer used to be a hobby, then became a tool. I found I spent too much time working on the tool, rather than on the work.

Thanks for the insights.


I thought about the idea years ago when netbooks were on the market. Netbooks were the cheap notebook computers that lacked optical drives, had a stripped down processor. They would last about year before the hard drive would give up the ghost.

The first couple were running Windows XP and the last one was a Window 7. When the third one died, I bought my first iPad. Then, I bought my first iPhone, an iPhone 5. Finally buying my first iMac.

I concluded that it was easier and useful to spend the money and not have the aggravation of trying to run something that was not designed for the hardware I had.

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