Half-installed Aqara hub in HomeKit

I’ve been installing a lot of Aqara HomeKit accessories and my latest piece was going to be a an Aqara Hub M1S, which is HomeKit compatible. Something went wrong halfway through the install process in the Aqara app (around where I was supposed to scan in the HomeKit code) and now HomeKit thinks the hub is installed and won’t let me install it, but I can’t find the hub anywhere in the Home app or in the Aqara app.

In the Home app, I look under Home Settings > Home Hubs & Bridges, but only find the older hubs (two HomePods and an Apple TV) and Bridges (a Homebridge Raspberry Pi, a Philips Hue bridge, an Aqara Hub E1, and an Aqara Hub M2). Both of those Aqara hubs were previously installed. But no Aqara Hub M1S.

In the Aqara app, I see all my Aqara accessories, including the original two hubs, but no M1S. Any ideas for how to remove or complete the installation of my new hub?

Try to add it from a different device and/or try rebooting the device you did it on Before now I’ve had devices in a similar state, but it’s temporary around a reboot.

If Aqara has an app, try to find it through that Instead of the Home App

I thought you had to add accessories through the Aqara app? None of the water leak sensors I just bought, like a week ago, have the HomeKit QR.

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You do have to use the Aqara app. The water leak sensors don’t have HomeKit codes, but the hub does. I will try rebooting the phone.