Handing over iPhone for repair - backup?

My beloved iPhone SE (love the size) is on life support. Battery is dead within hours, in winter the battery is dead within minutes.
So, I’ll bite the bullet and bring it to the shop to have put a new battery in it.
I know they (not an official apple repair center) will ask for my PIN-code, to make sure everything works. I suppose they will not dump the entire content of the phone and skim trough my photos, but the idea that it is possible for them to do so makes me uncomfortable. Same goed for going trough my email and other stuff (both private and work related in Icloud)
I have no experience backing up and restoring (i do run backups to icloud) because this is my first iPhone :slight_smile:

How do you handle this, how should I handle this?
I’m planning to do a full Itunes backup and then wipe the phone and do a basic setup. Bring him in for repair and then restore it afterwards.
Would that work, or would the basic setup already give acces to iCloud and therefore “all my efforts” would be worthless?

That would work, provided you don’t sign in to iCloud during the basic setup - there’s an option to sign in later. Just set it up as a new phone and only enter the most basic data - maybe even enter some fake data if you want to be really careful - and use a different PIN. For their purposes, a simple 4-digit PIN will be fine.

When you get the phone back, wipe and set up as a new phone again, then restore from your backup - just to remove anything they might have left behind

Great !
I’ll do as you described, thank you

I’m pretty sure that they don’t need a PIN for a battery replacement. I just had two done (at an Apple authorized place) and they didn’t ask for the PIN.

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Create a backup (icloud or otherwise) and wipe the device before handing it in. There’s no way I’m giving someone else a pin to one of my devices.

You’re right, of course, but that doesn’t mean they won’t want the PIN anyway (OP said they were having the work done by a third party shop).

IMHO OP should call the shop and ask about the PIN issue. Then they can act accordingly.

Years ago I had my wifes 5(s?) screen replaced. They asked for the PIN to test the device works perfectly. I imagine (and understand, somehow) the’ll ask for it when replacing the battery. Therefore I’ll wipe it.

Work will be done by a third party shop, because 1) It’s an old device, so I don’t care if it’s a third party battery 2) do do net require making an appointment, just show up and collect an hour later. Apple authorised shops require an appointment week(s) upfront.

You should care. In my experience many third party batteries don’t last long.

Happy camper. Got the battery replaced. I did not have to hand over any pin code. Got to test my backup routine :slight_smile:

The SE is running for a full day, no longer on live support. So I can save up for the SE2 / iPhone 12 (whatever will be the smallest form factor)