Handoff from iPhone to HomePod silliness

I brought a HomePod from home to work yesterday and after handing off from my phone playing Apple Classical, the music stopped and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I heard the guy on the other side of the desk from me saying my music was playing on his phone. I don’t understand this. The only connection we have is we are on the same page Wi-Fi network and are contacts. He was not part of my home in the Home app and should not have been able to access the HomePod.

Anyone have any ideas how this would happened?

That’s hilarious. I think it’s because your home is set to Anyone on the Same Network in Settings > Allow Speaker & TV Access.

Potential solutions:

  • disable handoff
  • temporarily restrict access to Only People Sharing This Home while at work
  • create a new home for work, restrict access there and switch the HomePod to work
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I initially was going to do that but when I realized that I could just use handoff I didn’t want to go through those extra steps. Pure laziness on my part.

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I’m still confused though as to why it would go from phone to phone.

A super quick series of phone-HomePod-phone handoffs is my guess, but who knows. Definitely buggy and/or not designed for that combination of devices so close together all day.