Handoff PDF to sign on iPad not working


I used to be able to open a PDF in Preview and the annotate button would have a new icon showing it could be marked up and signed on my iPad. That’s not working for me any more. Has anyone else seen this?

I have seen that happen with a secured/encrypted PDF, could that be the case? I had this happen last summer and it was very frustrating.

(Can’t try it myself currently, and haven’t done it recently.)

This is happening with non-secure PDFs. I tried it just creating a simple PDF myself too and it still doesn’t work. Not sure if this is a MacOS 12 thing that’s been taken out of 11.

Just tried it, but using quick look (pressing space on the file instead of opening it), and hit the markup button and it appeared on my iPad. If I open it in Preview, it doesn’t work.

(Monterey on an Intel iMac with 2018 iPad Pro on iPadOS 15)

Quick Look works for me. Thanks. Strange it doesn’t work in Preview.

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