Handwriting to Drafts?

I know that Nebo MyScript right now is probably the top pick for handwriting recognition into text. How does it perform in exporting to Drafts? Is there a better solution for taking a lot of handwritten notes to eventually move into a new Draft?

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Though Nebo is great in recognising handrwritting, I find its export options to be very poor and probably the thing that needs more dev attention.

Having said that, if you only want to export to drafts that’s fine. There’s “share as text” option which allows you to select drafts as the final app

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You can use the Mazec keyboard by MetaMoJi Corporation, which recognizes handwriting very well and works with any application on iOS. It uses the My Script engine. Language by default is English, but you can buy others in app.

Have you tried goodnotes?

I have Goodnotes but not MyScript. I don’t have an iPad Pro yet, so I’m simply curious in terms of getting text to Drafts for processing. Does Goodnotes’s OCR export to Drafts well?

Actually I don’t know. I’ll check!

Posting this in case it helps new users. As a new notes user on iPad Pro 2020 11", I’ve gone round and round with notes apps. Sure, the big ones have great features (Notability, GoodNotes, Notion, Bear, etc.). But I’m completely stoked about using Nebo for handwritten notes that quickly and accurately get converted to text within Nebo. I can then export them easily and directly to Drafts from within Nebo and continue editing in Drafts with the keyboard. And - guess what? - you can customize the Drafts keyboard with macros and assign the macros to keyboard shortcuts. Now I just need to figure out how to switch Control and CapsLock on the Logitech folio keyboard.