Happy AppleCare+ Ending

2 years ago I bought an iMac. I debated if I should buy AppleCare+, but since the machine cost so much, I did it. This week it paid dividends. I was moving my iMac to a new apartment and I dropped it. The screen cracked. I couldn’t believe I was so clumsy. But then I took the iMac to the Apple Store. It booted up and passed all the diagnostic tests. The only thing I damaged was the screen. The normal fee for replacing it is $700, but I just had to pay $99. I was so happy I bought the AppleCare+.


It can work out! I bought AppleCare+ on my 2015 MBP. A month before it expired, I brought it to my university’s Apple-certified repair shop. They ran a full diagnostic, found a few things that hadn’t yet caused trouble for me, and replaced those parts.

That meant getting a fresh battery, case, and motherboard. It was a great deal.

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