Hard Disk End-to-End error with Smartctl

My external hard disk is making some strange noises. I installed Smartmontools and ran smartctl -a. This returned an error:

184 End-to-End_Error 0x0032 098 098 099 Old_age Always FAILING_NOW 2

I can’t find if there is a solution. Does my hard disk need replacing?

(Short answer) Yes.

(Longer answer) Google searching variations on your error message returns many results and reveals that the SMART system thinks this is a critical error. Some information even suggests you shouldn’t trust the data on that drive any longer. Do not overwrite any existing backup drives with data from this failing drive.

This is a more specific warning than I’ve ever received for a failing drive. I would begin the replacement process now if it were my disk drive.

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Thank you kind sir! It had to happen sometime!