Hardcode video with subtitles?

hi, are there any apps or any recommendation of a guide on how to hardcode subtitles into a video file?

Assuming you mean you have a movie with controllable subtitles within, Handbrake can do that. There’s an option in the Subtitles tab to have them “burned in”.


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excellent, thanks

saw this stark overflow thread: video - How to Burn Subtitle (SRT) file and Timecode in FFMpeg - Stack Overflow
but terminal is not my cup of tea

There’s also a nice little app called Submerge you could take a look at if you want a bit more control over the look of your subtitles. Submerge - Hardcoded subtitles for all your needs

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I thought it said hard-core video with subtitles! LOL!


thanks y’all
in snack overflow saw a option using Terminal

ffmpeg -i videofilename.mp4 -vf subtitles=subsfilename.srt out.mp4

it worked

eh :thinking: