Hardware and accessory in Ventura overview

Spotted a couple of potentially useful things in the Venture features page

and wonder what and how?

First question is how the iPhone is being supported in the Continuity Camera segment. There is no clear indication of how the iPhone is secured in those sots. As I have always resisted purchasing a dedicated webcam using my iPhone as one has an appeal especially as several groups I now participate in have post-lockdown continued to use Zoom or Google Teams as their primary method of communication.

Second question is similar. In the Desk View section there is an iPhone mount clipped to the screen. The Apple store web store does not show anything remotely similar to this clip amongst iPhone Accessories. It’s use might answer my first question if only I could find out the maker and model.

At the moment I use my MacBookPro but have to take over the family kitchen, closing the door to prevent any interaction/distraction to them or me. Would be so much simpler to use my home office and my Mac mini. Too much clutter on my desk for me to use my MacBookPro for comms while using the Mac mini for textual interactions or on-the-fly research.

Does anyone know the answers to my questions please?

Pretty sure you’re looking for :point_down:

And you may find this post informative:

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